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Reviews of The Seventh Traveler

The words in this book carry a weight behind them-- you'll realize this as you're reading it; that what you're holding in your hands is just as important as it is entertaining. J.N. Kirchner has carefully painted an image of a not-too-far-off future that will give you a broad range of mixed feelings when you begin to realize just how realistic his prophecy may actually be.

In addition to the observations he makes on the drastic developments in our society, Kirchner also explores the altruistic and malevolent tendencies that are inherent in human nature--both on a large and small scale--and reminds us that it's important to always remember that both characteristics are equally prevalent in humanity.

The language Kirchner uses is not over-embellished and is well thought-out, very clearly conveying his themes and ideas, making it quite an accessible read. Steady pacing in the first half of the novel forms strong reader/character relationships, while the plot speeds up and intensifies with the latter half. Plenty of surprises and a large variety of different characters and environments will keep the book glued to your hands until the very last page. The curiosity and suspense felt while you're reading will remain on the surface of your mind for days, but the message that penetrates you once you reach the back cover will stay with you for a long time.

Highly recommended.

- Zak Landers, Artist and Musician

Not since Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged, where modern society's industrial and politcal structure runs amuck, has the worst that humankind can offer been so vividly depicted as in this book. Joseph Kirchner has developed memorable, everyday characters who lived through this chaos. The scary thing is that the future begins now. We can only hope and pray that some of his visions are wrong. Anyone interested in truth should read this book.

- James Calvin Stone, Mental Healthcare Provider

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