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I was feeling through my mind

and touched upon a door

I hadn't been inside

so I started to explore

it was a storeroom cramped with rules

they had been passed on down to me

from the blind minds of my teachers

whose blurring blinded me

feeling in the darkness

I sorted through the rules

many were just handicaps

hidden in the tools

faulty scales and faulty rules

yield only faulty measures

tarnished toxic metal

bought by me as treasure

J N Kirchner

Joseph N Kirchner was born in Johnson City, New York in 1951, and graduated from Binghamton Central High School in 1969. He and his wife, Nancy, have three children. The author is an artist, musician, poet, horticulturalist, carpenter, stonemason, and environmental advocate.

"Islands" Oil on Canvas, 4' x 6' (Not yet for sale)

"Islands" detail - Click images to zoom

Art by J N Kirchner, "The Final Chord"

Stone Masonry by J N Kirchner